Miami County Fair

Each year the Miami County Sheriff’s Office participates at the Miami County Fair by offering Ident-A-Kid which provides vital information to law enforcement.
  A card with the child’s name, weight, height and date of birth is given to parents.  If a child should become missing, the parent shows this card to law enforcement for quick identification.  The Sheriff’s Office also offers DNA swab kits and has a bike giveaway every evening of the fair in which one boy's and one girl's bike is drawn and given away.

In 2008 the Sheriff’s Office constructed a small building for use at the fair.  This building was paid for by forfeited drug money and constructed by deputies and inmates from the Miami County Incarceration Facility.  This will more than pay for itself as the Sheriff's Office will no longer be in a position of having to rent a tent every year for several hundred dollars.