Public Notice Property Subject to Forfeiture

Public Notice Property Subject to Forfeiture


The Miami County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the forfeiture of items of property listed.  The listed items appear to be lost, recovered, stolen, and/or abandoned.  If the property listed describes an item that was stolen from you or you have lost you may claim the item(s) by contacting the Sheriff’s Office and satisfactorily demonstrating ownership of the item(s).  Please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 937-440-3965 Ext. 6652.  If these items are not retrieved by their owners prior to March 31st, 2018, the listed items will be subject to forfeiture pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 2981.11.  All forfeited items will be disposed of as prescribed by law.


A homemade green single axle steel utility trailer with a ramp/tailgate recovered in February 2017.

The below listed property was recovered in December of 2016.

1.            Dewalt nail gun

2.            Bosch router

3.            Chicago Saw

4.            Craftsman chainsaw

5.            Bosch sander

6.            Black & Decker sander

7.            Heat controller

8.            DGR shower

9.            Vehicle accessories

10.          Craftsman tool

11.          Krege drill bits

12.          Bolt cutters

13.          Crowbar

14.          Torch

15.          Hammer

16.          Blk sander