School Programs

The school resource officers instruct on various topics such as bullying, self-esteem, peer pressure, Internet safety, etc.  Additionally, the school resource officer will work with staff at each of the districts identifying any problems or issues with their respective student populations (i.e. the choking game, morning glory seeds, etc.). 

The school resource officers also serve as liaisons between the school districts and the Sheriff’s Office. They work toward conflict resolution with the students and strive to assist the schools in creating a friendly and safe learning environment. 

Funding for the program is a shared venture between Milton-Union Schools, Newton Schools, the Upper Valley Career Center and the Sheriff's Office.

For confidential tips for the school resource officer please click onto the “submit a youth tip” link at left. All tips are anonymous and will be reviewed Monday through Friday during business hours. If the tip requires immediate action or is timely information please call 911 to make sure the situation is dealt with promptly.

Deputy Ryan Karn is assigned full-time to Newton Local Schools. 

Newton Schools - (937) 676-2002

Voicemail - (937) 440-6085 ext: 7147

Deputy Phil Osting is assigned full-time to the Upper Valley Career Center. 

Upper Valley Career Center - (937) 778-1980

Voicemail - (937) 440-6085 ext. 7142

 Roger Davidson alternates his days between Milton-Union Schools and court security. 

Milton-Union Schools - (937) 884-7910

Voicemail - (937) 440-6085 ext. 7141